Hatha Yoga 1 -Easy Ground Work – Full 43 Minute Class

www.yogayak.com for more classes. This mat based Hatha Yoga flow is gentle and perfect for a “lazy” yoga day. Diane leads you through a gently active sequence that awakens your body without any strain, leaving you calm and refreshed. Duration 43 min Teacher: Diane Jacobs

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Chi Qong Heaven and Earth

Like Tai Chi, but more bite-sized and symmetrical – which is good news for the knees. Most Tai Chi clases are over-subscribed, so the teacher can end up going round the group checking each individual, leaving some pupils standing on one ( often bent) leg for prolonged periods, instead of the fluidity one would . . . → Read More: Chi Qong Heaven and Earth

Tennis over 40

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Exercise is a natural way to retain your youthful looks. If you like racket sports then tennis, especially doubles, is an ideal choice. Join a local tennis club for opportunities to meet new and hopefully like-minded friends. Playing outside exposes you to invigorating fresh air and sunshine. Even moderate but regular . . . → Read More: Tennis over 40