Chu Yung Tea Free Trial

There seem to be a lot of negative reviews about a Chu Yung Tea Free Trial offer, mainly about credit card payments being taken after cancellation. The advertising on many affiliate sites states: “Cho Yung Free Trial Pack Offer If you are not too convinced about this weight loss drink, then there is nothing to . . . → Read More: Chu Yung Tea Free Trial

Viruses, Allergies and the Immune System by Jan de Vries

Why are problems such as viruses, allergies and post-viral syndrome increasingly prevalent today? Is it true that a simple allergy might develop into a serious degenerative disease? What part does the immune system play in these processes – and how can it be affected by lifestyle? Jan de Vries places a strong emphasis on the . . . → Read More: Viruses, Allergies and the Immune System

Emotional Healing

In Emotional Healing, world-renowned alternative health expert Jan de Vries turns his attention to the myriad of mental and emotional conditions that he has seen dramatically increase amongst his patients in recent years.

This important new addition to the Jan de Vries Healthcare series offers practical advice on how to cope with emotional effects of . . . → Read More: Emotional Healing: Complementary Solutions for a Stress-free Life