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There seem to be a lot of negative reviews about a Chu Yung Tea Free Trial offer, mainly about credit card  payments being taken after cancellation.
The advertising on many affiliate sites states:
“Cho Yung Free Trial Pack Offer
If you are not too convinced about this weight loss drink, then there is nothing to worry as Cho Yung Tea comes with a free trial pack offer. Besides you can also avail special offers and deals. For the trial pack, you only need to pay £1.99 i.e. the cost of shipping. If you are satisfied with it, you can make a monthly payment of £39.99 per month after fourteen days. Or if you are not satisfied, you can cancel the order.”

However, read the following, via Forums:
“I signed up with the 14 day free trial where you pay £ 1.99 for P&P via a reward site.

This is the reply I received.

Dear Oscar,

Thanks for contacting us!

We confirm an immediate cancellation of your subscription and all future orders. You will recall you opted for a 14 day trial and paid just for the postage and packing, which means that you have 14 days to return at least one unopened and undamaged packet in order for us to acknowledge your cancellation request to the address below with the following returns number:

Your returns number is: xxxx – xx

The returns address is:

PO Box 1119
West Sussex, RH10 0BB

Remember, we need to have at least one unopened and undamaged packet received on or before 8 August, 2009 to complete your cancellation request for your first months supply.

Please ensure you quote the above given returns number within your returned packet/s and please use a recorded delivery service to ensure we receive your package, any packages that are received without a returns number and/or after the 14 day period means we may not be able to guarantee to process your cancellation in time.

You can see the cancellation policy is on our website, within the section ‘terms’.

However we can again assure that you will not be charged or shipped for any future orders and wish you the best of luck.

I still have to pay £ 38 for the following

Dear Oscar,

Thanks for contacting us.

We are sorry to hear you that you don’t have any packet for return.

As we have looked into the matter and would like to inform you that we have received your order as on July 22, 2009 and as per our free trial terms and conditions your 14 day trial will be expired on August 9, 2009 as such you will be charged 38.00 GBP for your trial shipment on that day your trial will be expired.

Please note that you can cancel your subscription any time by just sending us an e-mail at

And this from

Like so many other people, I ordered 2 “free trial” products 2 different (LIFE CLEANSE and CHO YUNG TEA) ostensibly from 2 different companies.
Like others, I gave my credit card details, as instructed, for postage and packaging, in order for the “Free Trial” products.
I received 1 “free” CHO YUNG tea and 1″free” LIFE CLEANSE”, in August.
A month or so later I noticed monies taken from my credit card statement (which is only sent once a month) for transactions by companies I did not recognise.
After a preliminary inquiry I discovered that the “Free Trial” companies had not only taken money for postage and packaging but had also taken, and are continuing to take, money for products I have NOT even received, let alone ordered, since the one, original “Free Trial” product!
As soon as I became aware of this I contacted my credit card company. I discovered that I have been charged for the LIFE CLEANSE product by 4 different companies!!!
Whomever the ‘original’/registered company may be, these scammers are trading under the names of :


I also discovered, via the credit card company, that CHO YUNG (the “Free Trial” tea) are associated with the other 4 companies so, it would appear, there must be one overall group of people setting up various companies and I have been scammed by “one” consortium operating as 5 different companies -ALL of which are not only extorting monies from my account, but doing so without any difficulty.
London, as you may know, is currently experiencing a postal strike and has, for the past few months, been suffering from postal delays. In the midst of this I have to wait for “dispute forms” from my credit card company to arrive, complete and return them (more delays) whilst these companies continue to extract money from my account.
Whilst I then continue to wait for the credit card company to investigate my “dispute” more money is taken and I have to request the credit card company to send more “dispute forms” which will be inevitably either lost or delayed in the post!
Apparently, the credit card company takes the view that this is not a case of FRAUD (as I “gave” my details to this “company” albeit for postage and packaging for a “Free Trial” product) it is a case of DISPUTE. They can neither put a “hold” on my account, nor give me a different card with a different number as the procedure demands that I complete “dispute” forms, whilst my account stays live.
EVERYONE should be made aware, not only about this SCAM but about the credit card companies approach to dealing with it.
As soon as this dreadful nightmare began, I discovered that the scam first appeared on internet sites some months ago-Why have the scammers not been stopped!!!? “

Chu Yung Tea is promoted as a weight-loss product containing:

* Oolong tea. This is a conventional tea leaf which is partially dried and then treated with high heat.
* Lotus Leaf. This ingredient helps in supporting the internal organs that are related to the process of digestion such as kidney, spleen and liver. It is used to enhance digestion.
* Hawthorn. Also known as ‘Crategus’, this ingredient has been used in Chinese and Western medicine for a long time. It is known to strengthen the heart.
* Alisma Rhizome. It works as a detoxifying agent and helps in flushing out the toxins from the body.
* Cassia seeds. Originally, these seeds were used to treat constipation. They work in supporting the liver.
* Jiaogulan. It is known for its antioxidant properties and is known to regulate the digestive tract.
* Poria. This longevity herb strengthens the immune system and also supports the heart, spleen and kidney.

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